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What size aircon do I need?

How do I purchase a Jet-Air Air Conditioner?

Although we do not sell directly to the public, authorised dealers can be found here

How often should I clean my air conditioner filter?

In a normal domestic situation once every season is adequate. In a commercial situation, once every month.

How often do I need to service my air conditioner?

Once every 6 months is the minimum service frequency required, and more may be required if used in a dusty environment

Warranty Information

What should I choose: a 'Wall Mounted' or 'Floor Standing' split system?

This should be determined by an authorised technician or installer after visiting your home or workplace. Apart from the difference in features, capacity range and the location of the installation, heating works more efficiently with a floor standing unit. This is because the air is thrown out closer to floor level.

Does your Aircon Help with Humidity?

Yes , it does help with humidity if properly maintained your humidity should be between 40 to 60%

Which Aircon works best for Energy Saving ?

Inverter units are used for energy saving purposes.

What can we extend the the lifespan of an Aircon ?

  • Aircon needs to be serviced according to the Warranty terms.
  • Galvanizing units will also extend the lifespan.

When should I replace my Aircon ?

  • If the cost of the Aircon repair exceed a new purchase
  • Your Aircon has a lifespan of about 10 years , when it starts giving a problem there could be no parts available anymore as that range has been discontinued.
  • The older your unit becomes the less energy efficient it gets , so your cost of electricity will be higher than the cost of purchase.

What is the difference between Inverter & Non-Inverter ?

  • Inverters are more energy efficient as the compressor adjusts the speed based on the demand of the system, and Non-Inverter is Standard.
  • With South Africa introducing an EER standard whereby units need to maintain a certain EER(Energy Efficiency Ration) so all units will be more power efficient than the previous ranges.

What is our Office Hours ?

JASA Smart Home Head Office JHB - 7:00 to 17:00

Does our Aircons have an Auto Restart Function and how does it work ?

All Mid Wall split air conditioners have Auto Restart, which means they will turn back on and start cooling at the same settings after a power outage.

Do we need to add Surge Protection when installing to cover the warranty ?

We do not cover electrical damages but for your benefit a surge protector would be advised.

Can we use any installers or ONLY Accredited Jet-Air Installers ?

ONLY accredited Jet-Air Installers , which all installers supporting Jet-Air have their own Accredited Installers Certificate. Please refer to the T&Cs

Does Jet-Air do installations ?

No, JASA – Jet-Air South Africa are Distributors of Air conditioners and they are installed by accredited installers

What information is needed for Warranty Claims ?

Why does the unit make a noise ?

There are some sounds that the aircon makes on a regular basis, which may include humming of compressor , air flowing and water filtering. It should however never be louder than voice volume.

Why does my room have a dry feeling when the Aircon is working ?

If the area is smaller than the Aircon size (Btu) that is needed.

How to check my Aircon Model Number ?

There will be a silverplate with details and white sticker with the serial number on the side of the Aircon unit.

Aircon Energy Rating Meanings:

  • EER (Energy Efficiency Rating)
    • Measures the Efficiency
    • A Higher number means the Aircon is more energy efficient
  • SEER ( Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating )
    • Measures the cooling Effeciency
    • A Higher SEER Rating means the unit is more Efficient.
  • HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor )
    • It measures the efficiency of the Heatpump.
    • A higher number means more efficiency

Why does the unit freeze up ?

It is normally caused by a lack of gas or lack of air flow

Power & Connections ( Communication Wires )

  1. Always refer to your manual.
  2. Call the Jet-Air Technical Department for assistance.

Why is my Aircon Cooling but not Heating ?

  1. There might be a lack of gas.
  2. Your indoor unit needs to be cleaned.
  3. Your aircon needs a service
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