Energy Saving

DC Inverter 180 degrees Sine Wave
Compared with 120 (degrees) square wave, DC inverter driving technology, the new 180 (degrees) Sine Wave driving technology has considerable advantages: 1. Much wider range of frequency and voltage; 2. Higher energy efficiency; 3. Smoother running and lower noise; 4. More reliable & smooth operation.
1W Standby
With newly designed PCCB, the 1W Standby mode enables AUX products to cut energy consumption from 4-5w to 1w, compared to conventional air conditioners.
Trapeziform Innergroove Copper Piping
It makes refrigerant flow much faster, increases heat-exchange area by 20-30%, enhances the cooling/heating efficiency by 10-20%.
Multi-bend Evaporator
By enlarging evaporator area, it ensures higher heating-exchange efficiency with rather compact indoor unit design
Hydrophilic Aluminium Fin
In indoor unit, with Hydrophilic Aluminium Fins the cooling efficiency will be improved by accelerating the flow of condesated water between the fins. In outdoor unit, It improves heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process.
Sleep Mode
The AC will automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1 C per hour in the first 2 hours, and switch off after 5 hours. The sleep mode function helps to maintain the most comfortable temperature and saves more energy for you.
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