Terms and Conditions

JET-AIR Air Conditioner Warranty Policy Effective 1 June 2016

For all mid wall splits, window walls and light commercial units

*3 Years Limited Warranty on unit
*5 Years Limited Warranty on compressor


The terms of our comprehensive Warranty are as follows:

  2. Subject to the stated terms and conditions, warranty is given to the purchase in respect of the Jet-Air Air Conditioner, Model Number, and Serial Number as listed for the 3 years on the unit and 5 years on the compressor from the date of purchase. This warranty is subject to maintenance agreement set out in service schedule at the end of this policy. Should the equipment not be serviced as per the schedule, this warranty will become null and void.
  3. This warranty covers defects as a result of incorrect assembly, defective workmanship or faulty material. It does not extend to repairs, replacements of spare parts, maintenance or service necessitated directly or indirectly by wear and tear, maltreatment of product, misuse, improper installation or operation neglect, connection to an incorrect voltage, damage caused by lightning, accidental damage or work affected by persons other than an authorised Jet-Air agent. In cases of dispute, repairs, replacement of spare parts, maintenance and services shall be deemed to be beyond the scope of this warranty unless the purchaser is able to prove the contrary.
  4. During the period of warranty, faults covered by the warranty will be repaired as per the schedule by the installing dealer. Spare parts necessary will be supplied by the relevant Jet-Air Centre.
  5. Jet-Air shall not be responsible, without limitation, for any charges for dismantling and reassembling the air conditioners for repair, any transportation or storage expenses, injury to any person or property, work stoppage, impairment of other goods, breach of contract, negligence or other such action as may be deemed or alleged to be cause of a loss or damage to the buyer or his customers.
  6. This warranty will lapse if any of the repairs are not carried out by any person other than any person authorised by Jet-Air. It will also lapse if an unauthorised alteration to this warranty card is effected.
  7. This warranty is not transferrable. It is valid only for the original purchaser of the product.
  8. Any repairs carried out under this warranty will not extend the period of the warranty in any way.
  9. Neither Jet-Air not authorised service agents shall be responsible at any time during or after the period of this warranty for any loss or damage of any nature, whether general, special or consequential which may be caused or sustained by the purchaser, whether arising from, connected with or relating to any defect, fault or lack in the product, whether such inability is complete or partial.
  10. This warranty replaces all common law and other rights or remedies which may otherwise be available to the purchaser.
  11. Should repairs become necessary DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, please phone the installation dealer.
  12. Warranty will be invalidated if the service passport is not filled in.

For any repairs after the warranty period is over, contact your nearest Jet-Air dealer.

*This warranty is to the original purchaser and dealer only and is not transferable. This warranty is only valid if the unit is serviced every six months as per the schedule below. Equipment should be serviced by the installing dealer, should the equipment be installed in corrosive environments, the necessary precautions need to be taken to protect the equipment from corrosion. If equipment is installed in a very dusty or dirty environment, servicing should be done every three months.

Service Schedule:
  • Clean filters, indoor and outdoor coils and unit cabinets.
  • Check running current, cooling operations, electrical connections, heating operations and refrigerant pressures.
  • Measure on and off coil temperatures for indoor and outdoor.
  • Check fan blades for damage or out of balance.
  • Check for oil spots on refrigerant piping.
  • Check and clean condensate drains
  • Keep record in service passport.
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