Heating Belt (Outdoor)
With a PTC heating belt fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit, the snow, frost or ice accumulating on the base plate can be defrosted when operating in low temperature or high wet environment
Low Ambient cooling
The air conditioner with special built-in low ambient modual can be used in temperature as low as -15 C for cooling operation.
Self-diagnosis Function
Monitoring some abnormal operations or parts failures, and when the above cases appear the system will switch off automatically. Meanwhile, the error or protection code will display on the indoor unit.
Valve Protection Cover
The outdoor unit is equipped with valve protection cover to protect the valves against impact during transportation. Also it prevents the condensed water on the valve from dripping.
Two-speed Outdoor Fan Motor
With Two-speed Outdoor Fan Motor, the applicable temperature ranges of the system are widened for both cooling and heating operation.
Powerful Dehumidification
Automatically adjust humidity to suitable level during continuous operations
Sound Insulation & Damping Material.
Adopting high quality sound insulation and damping material to absorb and minimize effectively compressor’s running nose.
To plate/cover improved
Reinforcing convex ribs design contributes to a stronger outdoor unit. Stronger design (3 line to 5 line) with convex rib.
Golden Fin
The golden hydrophilic fin can improve the heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process. The unique anticorrosive golden coating on the condenser can withstand the rain, salty air and other corrosive elements.
Refrigerant Leakage Detect
With this technology, the indoor unit will alarm when the outdoor unit detects a condition of refrigerant leakage.
It ensures the starting current within the limits of 45A, particularly designed for areas like Australia and north Europe.
Intelligent defrosting
When condenser frosts under heating mode in low ambient temp, AUX AC will start intelligent defrosting mode.
Super Quiet design
The AC is designed with an optimized operating mechanism, for example, sound insulating materials for compressor, lower-noise fan motor and ventilation structure combining Morden computer simulation technology with aerodynamics design, etc. It minimizes noises while ensures you a comfortable environment.
Low Voltage start-up
AUX AC can safely start and steadily operate down to 185V. No need to worry about low voltage problem.
Super EMC performance
EMC approved, including EMI&EMS. Outstanding electromagnetic compatibility enables the unit operate intelligently.
Anti-Rust Cabinet
Glavanized outdoor unit.
Painted steel for both sides
The outdoor unit adopts thick steel plate painted both sides which is not only water-proof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, but also helps lower the vibration noise effectively.
Backup Switch
A convenient ON/OFF switch on the indoor unit allows you to start up a system without a remote controller
Holes reserved on the cassis allow the faster cooling down of fan motor. So it gives an enduring life for fan motor.
Air outlet net
Unique stagger-grill design guarantees large air volume and low noise level.
Fan blade
Serrated fan blade outputs less noise by diminishing the air resistance.
Low Ambient Running (Heating Mode)
The unique design of the outdoor unit, the proper use of the heating cables, make the unit start-up & of the heating cables, make the unit start-up & defrost easily even when the temperature is below 15 C in the winter time
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