Anti-Fungus Function
Air condioner will start the Anti-Fungus function after the cooling and de-Humidify mode. This function could prevent the fungus and bacteria from proliferating, keeping healthy and comfortable environment.
Silver Ion Filter
The Nano silver attached on the filter release the silver Ion constantly bacteria effectively.
Anti-Formaldehyde Filter
Anti-Formaldehyde filter filters out formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCS) as well as harmful gases and odours.
Bio Filter
Bio Filter consists of a specialised biological enzyme filter and Eco filter. The Eco filter catches very small airborne dust particles, bacteria, fungi and microbes. Biological enzyme filter eliminates bacteria by dissolving their cell wall thus eliminating the problem of re-pollution.
Plasma Dust Collector
The Plasma Dust Collector can generate an ionization zone. The air is ionized when it passes the high voltage ion generator. 95% of the dust, smoke and particles are absorbed by the electrostatic filter.
Compound Filter
The compound filter, which employs unique filtration technology, is efficient in removing tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, and mold spores, animal dander and killing bacteria.
When this function is activated, firstly the indoor unit operates in cooling mode with low fan speed, during this period the condensed water will take dust on evaporators fin away. After that the unit turns to heating evaporation with low fan speed, which dries the inside of indoor unit. Finally it turns to fan on-only mode and blows away the rest wet air. The whole process keep the internal side of indoor unit dry and prevents the breeding of bacteria
Vitamin-C & Anti-mites Filter
The Vitamin C fresh air fliter is made of vitamin C emission material and synthetic fiber. When the air passes through the filter, Vitamin C will be blowed out to make a fresh and healthy living environment. The super anti-mites filter is made of anti-mites material and polypropylene honeycomb. It effectively constraints the mite’s growth and delivers a healthy air outlet as a results.
Super Lytic-enzyme PP HEPA
Lytic-enzyme PP HEPA filter is made of super lytic enzyme compounded with PP HEPA and combined with Active-carbon filter. It has high filtration efficiency over 99.97% against micro-particles (above 0.3 m), the anti-bacterium reduction rate is over 99%, furthermore it is effective in resisting both A and B influenza.
Anions can stimulate the blood circulation system, improve lung function and effectively prevent respiratory passage illnesses (such as asthma and pneumonia)
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