A "iFavor" button is set up to the remote control. With this button you can preset all the parameters (like temperature, operation mode, fan speed and other functions). Every time you press the “iFavor” button, the unit will run under the mode that recorded. You don’t need top reset the parameters after they are adjusted by other users, which you can enjoy more convenience.
Powerful Heating Performance
With the combination of twin rotary DC compressor, EXV and PFC module, the heating performance in low temperature has been greatly improved.
PTC Heater
With a built-in PTC heater, powerful heating performance is available even in extreme cold weather.
Anti-Cold-Air (Heat Pump Only)
When starting the heating operation, the indoor fan automatically runs from the lowest speed to the preset level. This function can prevent cold air blowing out at the beginning of the operation, which avoids the discomfort to the user
Low Noise Airflow System
Without decreasing the airflow volume and capacity output, large diameter cross flow fan can bring down indoor unit noise by lowering the fan speed.
Turbo Operation
When the air conditioner enters turbo mode, it will maximize the output of cooling or heating capacity, making the room cool down or heat up rapidly.
Temperature Compensation
The indoor sensor can sense the air temperature depending on the installation height of indoor unit: higher installation height means larger temperature deviation of the sensor sensed against the actual floor temperature. Changing the jumping wires combination on the indoor PCB is possible to compensate the deviation.
A temperature sensor is built in the remote control. When you stay close to the remote control, the unit will automatically choose the operation mode to achieve accurate and comfortable temperature control just like the air conditioner is following you
Two-Direction Airflow
In cooling mode, the indoor unit blows out cool air horizontally, uplifts the cool air and then the cool air will sink naturally due to high density; while in heating mode the indoor unit blows out warm air vertically, brings down warm air and the warm air will go up naturally due to low density. The above design brings more comfortable cooling and heating.
Easy Maintenance
Simplified PCB design and installation, refrigerant leakage autonomic detect function, will both make outdoor unit easier to maintain.
No Bucket Design (Portable AC)
Bucket free design (slinger-up system) brings sophisticated cooling power.
Auto Swing
Distributes cool/warm air to a maximum area by moving horizontal flaps automatically.
Independent Dehumidification
The individual dehumidification mode dehumidifies the room efficiently but not lower the room temperature in cooling mode
Horizontal & Vertical Auto Swing
With the function of Horizontal & Vertical Auto Swing, the air flow is maximized.
Quick Cooling/Heating
Start up at high frequency increases cooling/heating capacity by 30% and reduces time to reach set temp. by 50%.
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