ASI Inverter Light Commercial

Midwall Split R410

ASI Inverter Light Commercial more efficient,more reliable.

  • DC inverter compressor and DC inverter fan motor gives high efficiency and comfort.
  • Wide capacity from 12 000 to 60 000 Btu/h, single phase and three phase.
  • Indoor air flow from 650M3/h to 2000M3/h (high fan speed)-Cassette.
  • Indoor air flow from 650M3/h to 2300M3/h (high fan speed)-Ceiling/Floor
  • ESP up to 200Pa and bottom or rear air return fulfill ducting installation needs-Duct.
  • Max pipe length up to 65M (48000 to 60000 Btu/h models)
  • BMS connection is available upon request.
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